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About Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?
 Chinese herbal medicine is a traditional form of medicine utilizing plant and other forms of organic matter such as minerals, shells, and animal derived (we do not use anything that is endangered or banned) for their healing properties. The training to be an herbalist is serious and elaborate study, with a focus on understanding the properties and side effects of each individual herb, before moving on to study formulas, and how they work together. Most often herbs are administered not individually, but as part of a formula, where they enhance and balance each other for a maximum therapeutic effect. This is the particular beauty of chinese medicine formulas. Traditionally, these would be made into a tea to drink several times a day for days at a time. For compliance and ease of use, we use pill form in our office, and they are taken 2-3 times a day with water in lieu of making and drinking tea. As with acupuncture, herbs may be prescribed for a short period of time for use during an acute disorder, or longer for a chronic condition.They are very safe when prescribed appropriately by a trained herbalist. Always cautioned during pregnancy.
What About Made in China?
We only prescribe high quality products, ordered from a handful of well known, well regarded herbal vendors who test their products regularly for contaminants and use verified GMP (good manufacturing processes) factories. Some are from China, most are from Taiwan. Chinese herbal medicine is a treasure like no other in the world. From the wealth of information passed down over thousands of years, to the field workers who meticulously harvest and process the plants in the traditional way, to the trained herbalists who identify and prepare the formulas, to the companies who import and sell them and handle the politics of the FDA and regulatory bodies who threaten herbal medicine, I am grateful to them all for their work and diligence. This medicine is subtle yet powerful, and all of us who are able to use it to improve our health and the health of others should be extremely grateful and protective of its existence.