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About Julee Haar Chui

Julee Haar Chui Biography 

My journey toward becoming an acupuncturist began with an interest in herbal medicine. After completing my bachelor's degree at UC Santa Barbara, I began studying local western and native American herbs. At the time, I was inspired to try and help my mom through some health problems she was having. I eventually discovered the incredible system of Chinese herbal medicine, and was fascinated by its depth and scope.

This elaborate time-tested system of medicine has been evolving, passed down and well preserved for over 2000 years. I knew I had found something amazing and powerful, and was eager to begin studying and understanding it. I was impressed by the longevity of this form of medicine, and embraced the holistic approach. I was not familiar with acupuncture, and a bit needle shy, but my fears were eased on my first acupuncture treatment, by Joann Tall, L.Ac., the president of the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. Her gentle technique and tiny needles used made it so I surprisingly didn't feel any discomfort, and in fact found it quite relaxing.  

Once I began studying, I knew I was going to make this my life's practice, and use it to help other people improve and maintain their health in a natural way. I began my training at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine and received my master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999. I continue to study and learn through seminars and experience with my patients, friends and family. Now, I use acupuncture and herbal remedies as a regular part of my lifestyle to maintain balance and address any health issues that arise. I am a state board licensed acupuncturist, and currently have a private practice in Torrance, California.